Urban Zoo. Survival Of The Smartest!
When it comes to products and accessories that are aimed at making your everyday life easier, you should never compromise. Life in the big city, or the urban zoo, as we call it can be really challenging, with the hectic lifestyle, rapid pace of life and constant need for multi-tasking. So, how can we make your life easier? That was the simple question behind the birth of Urban Zoo.

You Don’t Have To Be A Ninja Or A Juggler To Be Productive.
It was a rare rainy day, here in Texas, when one member of our team decided to talk on the phone, enjoy his coffee and simultaneously hold the umbrella. As you can clearly envision the result was beyond disastrous. With rain, coffee and despair all over his clothes and car interior, he made a simple thought. “We have put men on the moon, but we can’t find a solution for this?” That’s when inspiration came pouring down just like the mid-summer Texas rain!

Welcome To The Urban Zoo. Please Don’t Pet The Designers!
Innovation. It’s a simple word that can mean so many things. For us innovation means making life easier. That’s why our team of expert designers and qualified tech-nerds have dedicated their efforts to making every single aspect of your daily routine as easy, effortless and as fun as possible! Our products are based on a combination of forward-thinking design and high-quality materials, in order to offer you a truly unique experience.

Designed For The Modern, Busy Women & Men. Designed For You!
After all, you are the reason we are in business. We want our products to be part of your success story and make your life more enjoyable. You will be amazed by our personal, honest and friendly customer support specialists and our unique attention to detail!

Embark On Your Next Adventure In The Concrete Jungle In Style!